All your life you searched for truth.
You never found a clue.
Is there life after death, after you have taken your last breath?
The time for you has come, death is near.
Your questions will be answered, do not fear.

You wake up on the riverbank among the millions of humanity, dazed and disoriented.
You wander off into the human sea.
A thousand different languages, people from every time and place.
A grail attached upon your arm and wonder on your face.

Second Chance - Second Chance

As the years go by the people settle down they think their work is through.
But you will never rest until the secret of the plais revealed to you.
Then one night a stranger comes and with his touch renders you complete.
He said, "Don't be afraid, I am here to help you find the things you seek."

Second Chance - Second Chance

"Safe in their tower, welding their power, the 'gods' play game with your fate.
But I am a renegade, I don't believe in what they say.
Stop them before it's too late.
Follow the river, go and deliver, your fate lies in your hands!"

You gather up some men who fight for truth and believe in what you say.
The journey will be long and hard, many men will die along the way.
There is only one thing on your mind, only one thing to fulfill.
To storm the tower in the mist and crush the 'gods' of the river world.
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Second Chance Lyrics

Intruder – Second Chance Lyrics