Come with me and you will see the secrets of the past
Find the key and you will be the one to make it last
Do not fear, wipe that tear, you can end the hate
Come on know, I know how, I hope it's not to late

Twisting time until it turns backward through the years
You might never understand, don't give into your fears
Changing things that never were, the future is at stake
Will you pass the final run or will you be too late

Turn back - a century of war
Go back - time to close the door
Turn back - a century of hate
Go back - no time to hesitate

Travelling down an endless void as the years go by
See the dead and dying, a tear falls from your eye
You do not hesitate, you know what must be done
A planet lies in chaos but evil's not yet won

Wondering if you did succeed, had you changed our fate?
Turning to a stranger you pray it's not too late
You ask her just one question, your heart is full of dread
But she just turns in wonder - "What is war?" is all she says
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Turn Back Lyrics

Intruder – Turn Back Lyrics