Tenement buildings, decay is in the air.
A tangible aura of fear. Boarded windows, rats in the walls,
Soon all will be cleared. An old lady waits,
Among darkened walls, scared of the things that in the shadows crawl.
She knows he's come, so many times before,
But she won't answer when he knocks at her door.

Mr. Death - no more pain
Mr. Death - no more blame
Mr. Death - no more shame, just reach out and take his hand
Mr. Death - do not run
Mr. Death - it is done
Mr. Death - he's the one who'll take you to your promised land

Sounds of a scuffle, shots ring the air, a body falls to the ground.
Blood flows freely as he cries in the night, for help that will never be found.
All confused, why is he here, the pain it grows and so does his fear.
Tired of the fight but he can't let it go.
He still resists when death lands the final blow.


What is it about me that makes men fear?
Why do they tremble whenever I draw near?
Is it the final kiss they know that I must bring or is it the way men die,
The pain and the suffering - but you have brought it on yourselves! -

Why do you run when it's your turn to go, it should be easy for you.
All those people you laid in their graves, you know just what to do.
Mourn their loss, dry their tears, pillar of strength, allaying their fears.
Now it's time, take his hand, don't be scared, it's part of the masters plan.
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Mr. Death Lyrics

Intruder – Mr. Death Lyrics