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Poppin' Lyrics

Emerson Windy – Poppin' Lyrics

Verse 1
Once upon a time I told the homie
See that dude I'm a kill that nigga
Ima shoot him dead cuz he owe me money
Hold this for me
Homie said naw og you got all the money
You the plug you got all the drugs in the city
If you go to jail, it be a pity
So he said, hold this for me
Real nigga and on mamas I'm a kill niggaz
Been down since day one, real nigga to real nigga
Just hold me down when I get out
Now it's bout time that I get out
Boom boom boom boom bang bang
Bullets fall like light rain

We get it poppin'
If you outta line
We get it started
We get it poppin'
We get it poppin'
I'm from the O we start it
If you get retarded
We get it poppin'
Whatever you want
Whatever you need
Know that got it
We get it poppin'
Whatever you want
From the coke to the weed
Know that we got it
We get it poppin'

Verse 2
Once upon a time. I told the homie
I got a big shipment coming downtown can you take it for me
Hold up nigga
Hold up nigga before you go down
Let me tell you how it go down
Quarter mill black duffle bag.
If it's a different story roll out nigga
Roll out nigga like a quarterback
You shoot before you don't bring all that money back
Click pow it's like that
Don't get jacked
Kingpin shit that king shit
I been king since rice king
Windy get it poplin'
I got what you need
King me

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
Once upon a time I told the homies
I heard some niggaz on the other side of town want to take my money
Ain't that funny?
Wish a nigga would
I wish a nigga could
Come try me on my own turf, that shit won't turn out good
Cuz I shoot em up shoot em up bang bang
Most of my homies gang bang
You niggaz couldn't hide in Iraq
Gun you down like it's Chiraq
Never play about my stack
Click clack better get back
If you want that come get that
Hoe ass nigga my trigger poppin' (poplin')

Repeat chorus

We get it poppin' x3
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