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Merry Go Round Lyrics

Emerson Windy – Merry Go Round Lyrics

Pull up top down bitches wanna know my name
So many dimes in here I'm so glad I came
I see two in the front
Four in the middle
Six on the side
1 in my rear view
2 in the front 4 in middle
Every time I touch down it's a Merry go round round round round round round
Whoa whoa whoa
It's like a Merry go round round round round round round round

Verse 1 (Emerson Windy)
My favorite thing about Windy being a rapstar
I pull up to the club everybody fuck wit Windy (that's right)
I be like Mustard on that beat HO
Okay (whoop) everybody move ya feet
Up in the club we like ini miney moe
A bunch of bad bitches in the club my nigga how u pick one
But when your Windy Boy u ain't gotta
Got my pick at bad bitches like Windy Boy won the lotto
You see that bad bitch you wanna switch
I gotta a bad one already so I throw the assist and like Chris Paul Windy
Came to ball y'all
I'm the man in this bitch I stand tall y'all
Awww yeah
Baby whatcha wanna do
Can't fuck Windy Boy unless u got a whole crew
Tell your girl don't act brand new cuz if you do then we pull off in my
Homeboy brand new white coupe

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 (Tooley Wopp)
Here i go with ya sister and ya cousin
Real certified player bet you wish a nigga wasn't
My life on me they wanna KNOW tha name, cute face, phat booty ma we can do
The thang
What up tell ya homegirl she wanna come too
You gone bust, Ima nut she gone cum too
Straight up you can hate it but these hoes love it, in the club wilding out
Like I'm on something
Grade A first class blue ribbon
Keep my money in pocket this is true pimppin'
I aint nothing like all of you other fools slipping'
You couldnt stop my game if you had two Pippens
A bruce bowen and a artest I shoot my balls at ya girl all net
Pull up top down on the Corvette, If I aint a hot boy then what you call

Repeat chorus
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