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Money Up Lyrics

Emerson Windy – Money Up Lyrics

I got these diamonds all in my chains
Haters wanna know where I got my money from
My money from
My money from
My money from
Ain’t never been a lame (aye)
Life still the same, just got my money up
My money up
My money up (now we bout to spend)
Bout to hit the club until we smash out
Buying up the bar until we pass out (money up)
I’m know I’m star until I cash out
I got my money up
My money up
My money up
My money up

Verse One (2 Chainz)
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Second Verse (Emerson Windy)
I got these diamonds all in my grill hoe
I keep Benjamins in my billfold
My family’s what I kill for
They call me Emerson Windy bitch you know
Hip hop is what I do it for
Put a milli up on that YouTube
I’m on the airwaves I get airplay
They call airplanes, I’m famous (Awww Yeah)
Don’t blame me, that’s the way the O raised me
I’m a baller baby, I do what I like so that’s why you’ll never change me
See I can grab my nuts while you boo-hoo and that’s something you can’t do
You mad at me? You should be mad at god cuz that’s the way the dude made you
One ring, two ring, pinky ring three
I’m from the west coast where them niggas ride on them gold Ds on 3s
I got these diamonds all in my chain
I got loud, I got dope for sale
They call me Windy Boy, that Weedman
I hand to hand my dope, Awww Yeah


Third Verse (Hofa Bang)
Now why they hating on me
Wave hi on my hiatus
Bag ya bitch just like a bag of chips
Give her greasy lips
Then I frito lay it
Stack chips, I chase cheese
Like Chester Cheetah with cheesy fingers
Now hold up
Wait one second
You need to ketchup (catch up)
Scary nigga you a chicken finger
Now put yo tail between your legs and hide your head like and ostrich (oh yeah)
I’m on one like a toilet bowl that I’m shittin on sitting on the potty
Your money’s so underage that it needs a baby sitter
And if your jealousy had a flavor
It would probably have the twangy taste of mixed salt and vinegar
Now ask Carmen San Diego where the fuq is your money (oh yeah)
On the same place where unicorns live
And that rare as hell in Never Land
On a magic school bus with Peter Pan
Money old like Puff the Dragon
Make a wish
Close your eyes
And blow my dick like a birthday candle

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