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Come Get It Lyrics

Emerson Windy – Come Get It Lyrics

I sell dope (I sold dope but now I rap) but now I rap
I got whatyouwant if you really need that
My nigga come get it (if you need that)
My nigga come get it (if you need that my nigga)
Repeat x2
My nigga come get it

Verse 1 (Emerson Windy)
Windy go to bed like early in the morn
When I go to bed my next door neighbor they still snoring (they sleep)
I hustle all night late so Windy boy can have his way
Got a lot of shit and got a lot of bills to pay
My nigga Boston he flying in from port Miami
He chillin' at the crib polishing my brand new semi
Whatchu need my nigga pour yourself a shot of remi, dea want me bad cuz I
Got them hustle bones all in me
Next thing I know the Feds pulling down my driveway but I knew my cousin
Rell would never let em find me
I grab my bag of dope and never look behind me
Praying on my downfall cuz in supplying wait
Man this could be bad cuz Windy Boy just got his weight up
Gotta go right now my nigga cuz I cannot wait up
I'm in it to win it until the game is over
I told Fashow, oh no no popo cannot pull us over

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 (Pusha T)
Innocent is as innocent does
Everyone you call your family ain't your cuzz
Cuz sometimes cuzz be the one that turn you over to the fuzz
Cuzz ruined Christmas this year for my nigga buck
See Buck was cookin up so that cuzz could make a plug
But then the plug jammed cuzz and cuzz took em back to Buck
Now Buck locked up, cuzz shootin' the duck and the niggaz on the corner
Buck was feeding like "fuck"
Not on the holidays, your daughters wide awake
The dea is at your door and ain't no time to skate
They guns drawn and the only thing that Buck could think
Was cuzz helped me put the triv just the other day
Now he spendin' money mat lock, summertime we was planning on them black
Drops Don't be bragging to your cellies bout your cash pops
By the way, both your daughters ended up with laptops
Merry Christmas nigga

(If you need that my nigga)

Repeat chorus once
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