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Herojuana Lyrics

Emerson Windy – Herojuana Lyrics

Herojuana is a particularly strong strain of medical marijuana
The affects are potent enough to put a new user into heroine like state
If you're not careful you can feel like your losing your fucking mind
Your heart may slow down to the point that your high ass may not even be
Able to tell it's beating
Or it may speed Who the hell knows
It's new
Here's a tip
Calm down and don't be a bitch
Remember it's just weed and you like weed
Now do as Weedman Windy says Herojuana

Awww shit
I think he on a bad trip
He think he rollin' like he on some of that Molly or that acid

Verse 1 (Emerson Windy)
That bomb that ganja that feel like heroine
It can pick up or it can bring it do weird shit to your cranium
Sativa or that indica
Up or down what the fuck you want
This here is that Herojuana this Herojuana is a Trippy drug (god damn I'm
White said "Weedman I'm on a bad trip" (shut up)
You just fucked up you never had this
I suggest you stop smoking that bad shit
Switch your game up now go on flame up we done switch the game up
God damn Which star we on
Music and marijuana get your Marley on
Light that spliff and burn ya ganja make you rastafari like Damian
Pass the Ganji on the left un side
Call Weedman if you wanna get real high
555-420-Weed if you wanna try it
Get a little higher my youth

Herojuana it's not for the faint of heart but it's fucking amazing for
Those who can handle the ride
There's a thin line between trippin bad and super trippy just like there's
A thin between love and hate
Hate it or love it
There's nothing above it

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 (Tooley Wopp)
I got it if you need it on the lowkey
This that Herojuana og
Listen here if you ot, I get it too ya door for the 4-3
In and outdo on me homie just say where, may I suggest to you next day air
Oceanside nigga and mines is that killa and I'm on board like a chess game
You talking bout Blueberry Haze, this right here is how you do Mary Jane
You call up Kiesha, dial up Irene twist 'em all down and you have a train
Cali kush now do you have a brain, probably not
Smokers go brain dead off this kind of pot
At the weedman house bought to buy a lot like what kind you got 2x
Naw if it aint no og Kush weed bag
Then you better gon head and keep that 2x

This shit is stronger than the laced pot Angel gave Smokey in the movie
Not only will you find yourself naked in a chicken coup for no apparent
You will be doing so while quoting Rick James
Say it
It's a hell of a drug

Weedman Windy
Tooley Wopp
Mike Will Made It
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