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#DOPE Lyrics

Emerson Windy – #DOPE Lyrics

Verse 1
Windy movin' like some keys like I'm on pianos
Plus I got Timbo on grand piano
Mafioso my connect say windy mazaleo
All my niggaz high and they cannot see u
Them blogs saying windy boy he dope as shit
That got me couple haters all y'all suck my dick
Everybody Windy buildin buzz and when I hit the booth I spit a lot of drugs

O'side (O'side)
Windy real O'sider, I'm from Westside Westcoast
Windy real Westsider
My uso homies call me Windy alafele, over Timbo drums I'm gon' kick that
Shit like Pele
You better mind your fuckin business before I get to business
If you don't want the business
Mind your fuckin business

My music sellin' like it's dope, my music sellin' like it's coke
Worth my weight in gold like my shinning chain
Windy poppin' true thang

Repeat x 2

Verse 2
I said it, Windy worth his weight in gold
I want a vault filled with gold nigga that's the goal
I'm bouncing to this beat just like a six four
Placed under extreme pressure half these niggaz (like paper)
Windy got a song with 2 Chainz, Windy got a song with Pusha T, Windy got a
Song with Lil Wayne
Bout to move them shits like crack did back in 83'
When I get big I wanna be rich like 50, when we up in the club we gon be
Double fistin, when we hit Miami we hit them king if diamonds
Fuck first class all my nigga flying private Awww yeah
My music movin' like it's cocaine, that shit that give yo ass a nose bleed
I could be beat with no hands
Windy boy dope boy MVP

Repeat chorus

My music sellin' like it's dope
(Ship ship ship)

Repeat 3 more times
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