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Jfk Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Jfk Lyrics

[Eazy Mac]
This my introduction
Alien Abduction
Came into the game on flames
Can't believe I once quit
Now I made my mum quit
$50k a month, bitch
Always have a blunt lit, help me function
Help me eat all the rappers like at the luncheon
No more pillow talking
Hoes eventually they jump ship
'Cuz they love dick, dumb bitch
I just I just I just had a meeting at the label
They just they just they just wanna see me on the payroll
I just I just I just had to decline the offer
Independent living gotta remind my daughter
I don't have one, but when I have one
She's going to be independent living just like her dad was
I just I just I just had to go and set the bar now
Find out why the fuck they so upset I am a star now
Why? (Why) Is it the drugs?
Stay on a limitless buzz, I am what Eminem was
Flying a little above the skies, a bit of a climb
Stay up all night sunrise, I saw, suprise suprise
You can believe it or not, you can believe it or not
I got the key to the lock, I got the keys to the lock
All of the people I block, to all of the people I block
You can come suck on my cock, don't stop
I got enemies, tryna take my energy
Talking way, way too much, John Kennedy
They on ketamine, falling in a hole
Crawling on the floor, call my phone I don't pick up no more

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