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ZanXDreams Lyrics

Eazy Mac – ZanXDreams Lyrics

[Verse 1 Eazy Mac]

Close my eyes and I took a flight on that Xanax dream
See myself on that magazine cover yeah that's me
All hoes don't need no drama cancel please
Bank account has no limits now I'm Master P
Hi! shoulda stayed home in that k hole with Mr J Cole
My dad was a florist at enchanted forest
That's why I take acid and ride the rainbow
Yeah it's Eazy, crushing Xanbars
10 star all inclusive beach I'm a 10

In my Xanax dream
I just fell asleep in my Xanax dream
Xanax dream x2
I just - sleep in my Xana-
Yeah! Xanax

[Verse 2 bdice]

Am I awake or asleep
Has it been a day or a week
I'm lost like I'm roaming the street
I saw my feet I'm deformed I'm a freak
I'm down all the time
Down on the day don't even mind
Mining for gold digging for compliments
I'm on the road I'm on a rocket ship
I'm going up up! up!
Climbing til I'm with the man on the moon - wait
Was there a man on the moon? nope
Okay I'm the first on the moon
Cause we going up, up! up!
For the position - yes I flex for fun
I'm on the echelon (up in the echelon)

Xanax dreams x2
I just fell asleep in my Xanax dreams
Xanax dreams x2
I just woke up in a Xanax dream

[Verse 3 Golden BSP]

Eazy told me don't write a bridge
Fuck next time bro, I'm Xan'd out!
Y'know what a life
Having two damn girl in your bed
Full of pills with cam out
Cause I do
And when I buy Xan-pack I chew
She told me thats so poetic
But bitch this ain't no haiku
Yeah yo dream
Pretty girl, dro, liquor and that paper
I ain't gotta dream that, I go hard like slayer
These girls never play fair, I swear it's like a daycare
I put her on time out, she don't wanna stay there
I pull harder'n you can
Rolling witcho yo new thang
[??] like Liu Kang
I'm prolly bumping two chain
Call me Mr mood swing
Or call me when you need me
Call me just to fuck rough
Or we could take it Eazy
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