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Music For The Lyrically Impaired Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Music For The Lyrically Impaired Lyrics

All I really wanna do is chill, now you know the deal
Pop another motherfuckin pill, careful how you feel
Careful how you feel
It was a dream to smoke doobies on stage with Louis C.K
Louis C.K
Now I can't look at his face without thinking about all the groupies he raped
What about the movies he made?
Hey you talking Studio A, well Julio say he saw him takin his pants off and cummin in Julia's face
Hollywood cray you'd probably say
You'd probably say
Wake up at noon and pop Molly all day
Went on a trip down to Boli in Spain
When I came back it was prolly May
When I went back it was Saudi Arabia
Boston, Ukraine, Bosnia
All they want all of my party away
Yeah, I'm doin I'm doin I'm doin
Came in the game then ruined it
Moved to Vancouver and I feel like I'm ludicrous
All that these bitches around me are stewardess cuz they're so fly
And I'm so rude with it I don't know why
I don't comply, I don't reply
I don't care who it is I just yell Bye!
Emptied out my liquor cabinet
Sweatin tryin to kick the habit
Runnin round the room drippin liquid acid
Then I never cared about a Christmas Package
I'm the only presence needed in this rap and this is Eazy Mac
Mix it for me Fanta with the Codeine potion
Holy moly Nigel!
Music for the lyrically impaired
First they couldn't hear me now they're here
Then they couldn't see me now they stare
Now they wanna be me now it's weird
Now they wanna yeah
Now they wanna treat me like I'm rare
Now they wanna yeah
Now they wanna keep me in the air
Now they wanna yeah
Now they wanna heat me til I flare
Slick Rick the ruler
Wrist is cooler
Bars like prison rooms
Under influenced
Listen to me
Watch my dreams and wish come true
Or is this a business move
I might fuck around and pull up in a 'Rari
Skert skert skert
Ex bitch tellin me she's sorry
Sure sure sure
Next bitch wanna play Atari
Er er er
Only give a fuck about the party

Hi, on today's show we're talking about dead beat dads
Our first guest, Eazy Mac!
So Eazy, why don't you think you're the father?
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