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Problems Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Problems Lyrics

Problems, Problems, Problems, Problems

[Verse 1: Eazy Mac]
I smoke dabs til' my chest is swollen(swollen) (Eazy, Eazy, Eazy, Eazy)
Shut the Fuck up!
Cocaine bleeds out my nose
LSD, Ecstasy, feels like I float
Stop for a moment
Codeine, Promethazine pouring
Leaning over like I'm broken
My Brain is drained of Serotonin
I'm still high when I wake up in the morning
Rip off the covers I feel claustrophobic
Rip off my shirt now I feel like Hulk Hogan
This isn't wrestling but this Rocks enormous
How am I ever expecting to snort it

I do drugs to solve my problems
I do drugs to solve my problems

[Verse 2: Eazy Mac]
I do drugs to solve all my problems
Now I'm Looking like A Goblin
What's Popping?
That's what I asked him
At the rave with a handful of acid
On my ass and I'm plastered
That's random
See a dude doin' back flips that's Brandon
What's Happening? Bad Habits(don't panic)
Pass me the J and the juicy acid
I'm a Juicy J and groupy addict
Kicking it with bitches doing beauty pageants
Eazy come, Eazy go, you need napkins?
Just keep laughing, Jerry Seinfeld
Way to high now
Amy Winehouse, Laying in my house
Just keep spazzing
Popping Ibuprofen
Thought that I'd be jokin'?
Need another hit but I don't know where the torch is
Need another bitch but I want her from the porn biz
Got too many problems I ignore them
Got too many lines trying to snort them
I'm a downer on the opium
Crushin' em down start smokin' em (Crushin' em down start smokin' em)

I do drugs to solve my problems
I do drugs to
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