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#itsEazy Lyrics

Eazy Mac – #itsEazy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tryna titty fuck Ricki Lake
Wanna take Rihanna on a Disney date
People looking at me stupid "is he baked?"
When I ate 68 tabs with a whiskey chase
Walk in to a busy bank
Tell her teller "gimme safe!"
Then I blow her kissy-face
If she waves back at me, love her like I'm Drizzy-Drake
Pills from Kevin made me Spacey (yeah)
Doctors say I'm crazy, it's a brain thing (yeah yeah)
Chemical imbalance is my talents (you know what I mean)
As a kid I spent my whole allowance
On anything if it was mainstream
Arizona ice tea for my pasties
Noodles from Edo since grade three
Mucho burritto with baked beans and a steak cheese
My mind is off it's rocker
In a quantum starship
Just like fucking Nostradamus
Droppin bombs like rocket launcher
Off the top floor of apartments
But my prophet's not Muhammad
Nah, I'm only talking dollars
I'm a hyper-active rappin' psychopathic Michael Jackson
That hasn't went to the bathroom
Since last time I saw my dad
And my daddy he drive a Mazda
He wipe my ass on a napkin
He drive me to mid-Nevada
And drop me off at a mansion
Pardon me, Charlie Sheen
Pass the Bacardi, please
I can hardly sleep
I love the party scene
I got a lot of problems
And you know, it probly be
Coz the time
An aborted fetus
Fell onto the floor in Eatons
Right out of my Momma's (hey!)
So therapy, I sorta need it
There, I feed a quarter piece of chicken
To the whore's divas
Tryna snort the coco up they nono
Off a horse's penis (Ya!)
I just stole the flo-flo off of Tortured Genius (nonono)
I'm trying to book meetings with a corporate Jesus
People think that Eazy Mac's sorta a Re-
-Informative speech, Stanton recording his beats
Presidential, eating lunch like I'm Donald Trump
Everything my pen writes down now, Robert Munch
Blowing up so much, I got an Islamic buzz
Got a new friend request, from ISIS anonymous
They wanted to sponsor us
They told me they bought a bus
They wanted to go on tour
They told me they brought a gun
Ba Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
Ba Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
If they don't like my mood, its
Ba Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom (yeah)
Merkules, lift the curtains, please
Let me on stage with the circus freaks
I need percs and weed
And a verse for free
And some purple lean
It's our anniversary
We were Chasing Rabbits, September
Went on a bender to Denver
From October, November
December got way better
But only coz of Christmas Eve
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
Did I mention shift in dreams?
Mind bending mysteries?
I'm venting misery
He got mad coz then when I mentioned Krispy Kreme
Couldn't find a location open
So now he's pissed at me
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