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Monkey See, Monkey Do (Remix) Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Monkey See, Monkey Do (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chills]
Yah, Chills
I was just a meme like a year ago
Now I’m seeing O’s, no Cheerios
Told her to spin around like a merry-go
She going down on the pipe like Mar-io
Aye, your Kim K got Ray J
I got more pills than a Safeway
It’s going down; mayday
Now I’m gettin more spins than a ???
And they said they had enough of me
If you don’t fuck with me, you get no love from me
The put the trust in me; Three’s Company
Eazy Mac, Merk, Chills: we the Justice League
I got Redskin like I play in DC
I be runnin with the pros, you still playin D-League
Poppin out your screen like you seein 3D
It’s a metaphor kid, you just 360p

[Verse 2: Eazy Mac]
Baby in the jungle, when they found me I was humble
They denied me until I became a giant like Mutombo
Now they're crying like Rapunzel, while i'm piecin' up the puzzle
Now I'm climbing up the ladder like a monkey, monkey, monkey
Monkey see, monkey do
All these crying rappers want to be in the crew
Models coming up to me like "My boo!"
Three at the same time like "I Do, I do, I do"
Back to the basics
Started from rapping in basement to a spaceship
Now I'm just laughing in faces on vacation
The cash that i'm stacking is crashing the Matrix
It's actually dangerous for Mac to get famous
We stay underground, barely cracking the pavement
Every-time you drop a track, thats not amazing
Struggle, struggle. Yeah, thats entertaining
While I have fans screaming out "You're next"
Throat sex with your girlfriend's like a vortex
Both breasts on my dick, trying to drive a Corvette
Crashing into the porch steps, hope you don't stress
It's Eazy, same guy, more flex
More money in the bank, more high porn sketch
I don't owe nobody nothing 'cept my own friends
But I'll ting to your chin like a violin

Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
(Its Big Merk, Stompdown Killas)
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
(Eazy Mac, what up man?)

[Verse 3: Merkules]
Im fucked up in the head, yeah, my life's been stressful
But they think I'm doing fine now cause i'm successful
I got money but I'm still acting like I'm dead broke
I'll do this till my hair turns white like Sisqo
Be Careful when approaching me ill hang you by your rosary
And stare you in the eyes while you suffer so you know its me
I just took two tabs and I'm feeling mad weird
Every pill is a different color like Eazy Mac's hair
Ha ha ha, yeah the kids got jokes
And uh (pop, pop, pop) yeah these kids want smoke
Swear that all y'all soft, use the Killshot, woah
I'll murder your favorite rapper and then switch my clothes
You versus me is a certified death
YNW Melly, Ill even murder my friends
Don't underestimated me, I'm fucked in the head
Even though I'm on top, I'm still off my meds
I need a new prescription
Doing shrooms, quaaludes, dudes too sadistic
Big bag on my shoulder like the dude on Christmas
And I'm smoking big bowls like super lyptic, crucifixion
You fake, too fictitious
In that R&B whip
That's the new edition
Shooting bullets out the ride size of cruller TimBits
We some famous mobsters, my crews the Misfits

Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
Does nobody know it's the end of the world?
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