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Ride Out (Remix) Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Ride Out (Remix) Lyrics

Gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang

Drop the top on the Coupe
Nigga who the fuck is you
Run in yo' house and I take all your loot
Nigga I got all the rocks in my shoe
Niggas are sick like the got the flu
Run up on me I blow you like a flute
Servin' them pounds, by the Citgo
Niggas they hate 'cause I took they hoe
Fuck school, fuck a honor roll
In the kitchen and I'm flippin' O's
Keep the Gat in the backpack
Run up and I'll click-clack
I got the O's, I got the O's
And I'm flippin' on the stove
These niggas hoes, these niggas hoes
These niggas mad I got hoes
I'm off the Xanny, I gotta stop
Nigga you run up and you is a op
Niggas they hate, they just gon' flop
Automatic Glocks, I'm totin' a mop
Hang up the phone if it ain't about dope
That's all I need, that's all I want
I get the money man I gotta go
I get the money man I'm on the road
Pinky ring, pinky ring, pinky ring
Look at the diamonds in my pinky ring
Niggas hatin' but it's not a thing
Cop another pistol then I let it bang
Bitches is stupid they actin' so manly
I'm totin' they steamer, I'm totin' the Stanley
These niggas run up then I'm hurtin' they family
My bitch name is Cammy I'm fuckin' on cammy
I got so much bitches these bitches is hoes
My bank account big man, it just might explode
I need my gun, I need it now
Niggas they hatin' I just made a thou'
Bring me my choppa man it's goin' now
Niggas want beef at me up in the South
You want yo' bitch then come get that whore
Them bitches is borin' and yo' bitch be whorin'
And look at my diamonds, my diamonds like wow
I need that cash I need it now
Put holes in a nigga like Ricky
Thirty rounds sit in my Dickies, yuh
Smokin' Vicky Icky Vicky

(Beat Fades Out)
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