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Beach Trap House Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Beach Trap House Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got 10 phones 10 hoes
But i won't call
Gotta lotta cash 10 stacks just knocked it off
Bitch i blow cash
Spend cash like fuck the cost
I'm a real nigga
Trill nigga can't take a loss
Imma blow up like boston
These niggas get mad at me cause im saucin
My diamonds be blinding I think that it is frosting
You can call me steph curry
These hoes know that im balling
I gotta get money I don't know about you
They know you a broke boy thats why
They don't like you
Im ugly as fuck I look like Lil Bill or Caillou
If you ain't got money I can't even be by you
Im riding the foreign
Im sliding through traffic
We serving the bricks
We put the bricks the plastic
I keep my gat on me you know it is no lacking
And im toting the hammer its gone be automatic

[Verse 2]
Bitch I ride fast
Smoke gas like fuck the law
Nigga throw your set
I cut checks like kid wassup
Drop top rari coming through can't take a car
Roll a perfect blunt take a hit like it's my art
All these niggas foo though
Lean got me on pluto
Riding in a coupe ho
Just watch me come through hoe
I be in the zone off the drugs
I can't feel nothing
Niggas getting mad throwing shade
Why these niggas bluffing
I keep flexing on yall niggas
All yall niggas out of shape
Im just tryna rock designer
Im just tryna get some bape
I be sticking to the plan
But i ain't talking bout tape
I just wanna count my racks
Eating up the zebra cakes
Riding in a lambo
No i will not go slow
If a nigga run up on me you know imma have to blow
Imma have to take his life
Now he need some geico
I dont need no ugly hoe
I just need a fly hoe
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