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I Know 2 Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – I Know 2 Lyrics

[Verse: Duwap Kaine]
I don't wanna trap no mo' (no mo')
I don't wanna kick another door (another door)
I don't wanna do the lean 'cause it had me slow mo (slow mo)
I'm just tryna get the green, I'm on fuckin' go mode (go mode)
The trap used to jump like a fuckin' pogo (a pogo)
And I'm with yo' bitch, tell that bitch to phone home (phone home)
Smokin' dope, smokin' on Gelato (Gelato)
Got cash like I hit the lotto (the lotto)
That bitch talk too much
Tell her keep her mouth closed (her mouth closed)
Walk in the bitch, they wanna take a photo (a photo)
I got a lotta money but you know I want mo' (I want mo')
Lotta shoota's with me, they do what I say so (say so)
I gotta get the gaup, nigga, that's a case closed (case closed)
Smokin' on dope, yeah, it got my face closed (face closed)
Ridin' 'round real fast, ridin' down Melrose (Melrose)
Ridin' in that I8, you can lift up the doors (up the doors)
And I'm with yo' bitch and I don't even know her (even know her)
But she a thot because she just chose (just chose)
Walk out the crib with some Jordan on my toes (on my toes, nigga)
Walk out the crib with the mothafuckin' pole (pole)
I get guap but I don't work at Lowe's (Lowe's)
I get guap 'cause I kick 'em like I'm O's (kick 'em like I'm O's)
Pull up to the bando (the bando)
Pick up a 7 then I gotta go (I gotta go)
Don't ever hit my fuckin' phone about a hoe (about no hoe)
Smokin' on dope and you know my eyes low (my eyes low)
And I'm high as the sky even though that I'm low (that I'm low)
Do the drugs and you should know (you should know)

[Chorus: Duwap Kaine]
'Cause I know (yeah, I know), yeah, I know (I know)
And she know (she know), and they know (they know)
That I'm on (yeah, I'm on), yeah, I know (I know)
Yeah, I know (I know), yeah, I know
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