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Trap House Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Trap House Lyrics

Got that new, aye, Plug, got that new
I been jugging niggas, yeah I been jugging niggas

I be at the trap now
Catch me at the trap house
I will never rat out, gotta pull them racks out
Pull-Pull-Pull up to yo' city, you won't hear a sound
I got the bricks up in the trap and I just sold a pound
All these niggas lame, man they all around
.40 Glock wit' the mop, it's gone knock you down
I be rolling up the Swishers, I be rolling loud
I be off the fo', all y'all niggas clowns
If a nigga want it, come and hit my line
He don't sell no bricks, but I know he lying
Flexing for yo' niggas, boy just stop trying
Ice on my wrist, probably make you blind
Gotta keep my gun, gotta keep the iron
I be in the kitchen, got the babies crying
These hoes don't listen, these hoes be tripping
That's why I whip it, because you flip it
On fo's I'm tipping, I love how I'm living
Pull up in the Piston, I whip the chicken

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