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Salty Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Salty Lyrics

Ayy, Nine9 really kickin' shit, you heard?
Nine9, made it!

Yeah, bitch, we trap in America (Beep)
Yeah, Niggas clones, (Uh, uh) niggas replicas
Im in a trapped out economy (Uh, uh)
Yeah, niggas, they be funny, (Uh, uh) they be comedy
Yeah, niggas always cappin', don't know what they wanna be (Don't know what they wanna be)
She ask me what I do, I say "get high, honestly" (I said get high honestly)
She said pay for my clothes, I said probably
I'm not followin' no law or no policy (I'm not following no policy)
Boy, you found the wrong guy to make apologies (I'm not makin' apologies)
I will never be sorry, I'm a O-G (You know I'm a OG)
Bitch, I got your money, feel like Smokey (Bitch, I feel like Smokey)
And my chain gold like a trophy
Finna buy some Backwoods, no ID (ID)
I don't give a fuck 'bout shit, I'm too carefree (I'm too carefree)
Supreme goggles on my face, but I don't ski
Young nigga, I don't fuck with nobody (Body)
Young nigga, man, I get these hoes salty (Salty)
Pull up in an A-M-G, and now she salty (Salty)
Hoes mad, yeah, I got these hoes salty (Salty)
In that shit, just to get a bitch salty (Salty)
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