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Duwap Kaine – GUCCI ON MY WAIST Lyrics

Gucci on my waist, ayy, Gun on my waist (My Waist)
Ayy, lean on my hip (My hip)
If you know the case (Case, case, case)
You don't really get it, then you get up out my face (Out My Face)

Fuck you niggas sayin', 'bout to make my nigga spray (Ayy, spray)
Po' up at the lobby, man I got that Gucci bag (Gucci bag)
Bitch these hollows in my gun, nigga say less (Less)
They talkin' shit, but they shop at PayLess (Shop at PayLess)
All these niggas fake, fake like some [?] ([?])
All these niggas talkin', I ain't never gave a fuck (Nah)
Shout-out Captain Crunch, now this chopper finna munch (Munch)
Chopper munch a nigga [?], like it's nun (Nun)
Young nigga stunt, ayy, we gettin' to the money (Money)
Ayy, I be shoppin', I be flee as fuck (Flee as fuck)
All these bitches they want me to fuck
But I can't [?]
Ayy, I want the money

Ayy, ride with Candy Paint
Ayy, niggas be funny
Ayy, Lean in the freezer (The Freezer)
Ayy, Xans I don't do those, but I be sellin'
Ayy, lean got me on Pluto (Pluto)
And all these niggas talkin' shit all for no reason
Ayy, Leave a nigga bleedin', (Leave him)
Ayy, for no reason (Nah)
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