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Wake Up Lyrics

Chuuwee – Wake Up Lyrics

Wake Up! (x10)
Get Up! (x2)
Wake Up! (x8)
Get Up! (x2)
Wake Up! (x8)
Get Up! (x2)
Wake Up! (x8)
Get Up!

[Verse 1]
Even though they expect me to fall, not at all
Wipe my eyes and make my way to the mall
Me and my niggas fixing to get it
We won't sit there and stall, not at all
Shit, I'm bout to hit the town with a broad
Saturday morning waking up, I start to roll me a roll
Puff cigar, burn the spirits off and sit in the stars
In the car, me and my crew plotting these moves
You dudes snooze, you dudes lose
We about to dance with the stars
Like, wait till I get all my money correct
So I'm out here slanging Mary J. to pay off my debt
Stay fresh, I'm glad rap sponsored out to the death
Me and my niggas ain't no busters we will come at ya neck
Always comin' correct, they throwing dueces when the see me movin'
I'll put my city on my back creating amazing music
I ain't afraid to lose it, shit I know what I'm doin'
I get the day started, and stay sparking and spittin' movies


[Verse 2]
Another sunny day in Kill-A-Fool-Ia, don't let it do ya
Niggas better be really handy with they life removas
The type to shoot the greens at the students
Studio, niggas play they cards right, motha fuckin Yu-Gi-Oh!
I'm all around town in my homeboys whip
We just burned it all down, finna pick up some shit
And get lit, the lifestyle that you want this is it
I feel like Ice Cube in Good Day again and again
And sometimes shit can get Friday like
Might have to fade a Deebo ass nigga, you know that type
He roll up on his bike, he say "fade?" I said "aight"
Took a swing and he missed and my J's threw a right
Say goodnight, left him sleepin, niggas tweakin
Crackhead's everywhere on this fine Sacromento weekend
They say that Chuuwee had a flow like swimmin in the deep end
Don't be prestigious, you know they whisperin' to sneak him


And it's just like that
Another day in Kill-A-Fool-Ia
Sacroment, California, the home of The Usual Suspects
Wasn't no regular day for some reason though
I'll holla at yall niggas, peace cause yall saw it man
Niggas be trippin'!
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