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Decension (Routine) Lyrics

Chuuwee – Decension (Routine) Lyrics

Intro [dahLak]:

Verse 1 [Chuuwee]:
My My miss American pie ..
Drove my 4 door chevy down to the levy the levy was dry .. I was expecting to die ..

How you expect to try .. everything that I accept is a lie
Everything that We believe in is false .. that's the reason that we living in strife

Pain killers while I'm living this life
Heartbreaking what I did to my wife ..

Breathtaking if you give me a mic ..
Death faking when I get in the light ..

Best selling when I get in the stores ..
Sold out tours give me applause

So close I can taste it for sure
Bittersweet but I'll take me some more

Baby steps but I'm thinking abort ..
Do it bigger get the fuck off the porch ..

Go harder the fuck is you doin ..
Turn it up you ain't making no noise

Voices telling me I'm coming up short
Spliff rolling mixing ganja and ports

Niggas bitching like the time of the month
Walked up on him now he calling the boys

Chorus [Chuuwee]:
How can I rearrange shit . Everything is steady changing
It's a miscommunication with them everyday .. why we speaking different language

What's the matter with the game ? Everybody screaming gang .. everybody wanna bang ..
What the point in selling drugs .. what's the hustle now everybody tryna slang

Verse 2:
I never dabbled I'm fate . I don't have much faith
I don't have much time . I have don't much to lose I don't have much at stake

Tryna grab me a plate . Ima pass on the shrimp pass me a steak

Smoking dope till the train leaves .. eating shrooms till my brain bleed ..
Trying hard to maintain things is the only thing I'm on lately

Only going out if it pays me
The fuss and fighting just pains me

But I dust it off can't Stain me ..
Stan Lee can't create me

I can sense the feeling niggas hate me
But I can't be seen in HD screen


Bridge: tell me where did I fall
Tell me where I went wrong

Am I pulling dead weight for the long haul
Guess it's up for me to call

Tell me who do I call everybody phone off
Such an empty call log ..

Outro [dahLak]:
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