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Get Yours Lyrics

Chuuwee – Get Yours Lyrics

Cookin' Soul

Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mine
Get yours nigga
Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mine
Get yours nigga, I say this one time
Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mine
Get yours nigga, ge-get yours
Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mine
Niggas see me blow

[Verse 1: Chuuwee]
Yo, we hit the poverty line its looking drastic man
These spare jobs, they got me out on the traffic jam
I need cash, something I was singing last year
We moving bags and holding a lot of glass zips
Stressin, mad frantic, I'm past panicked
I can't throw it all the way and just trash can it
You mean to tell me I'm just trapped on this vast planet?
And one city that Cap. Planet can never save
When I was young '95 seen better days
Back when i was five mama told me you better behave
We need the money, its bad nigga you better save
Can't spend the rest of ya life being a cheddar slave
But now the pressure got the people actin maniac
Clutchin shot guns, hitting niggas with them baby macks
Shit is retarded as radio where they play me at
How they play me close for them jobs so I'm robbing now

[Bridge x2]
(Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mines)
Anybody get in the way then they'll be losin his life, It's real
(Get yours nigga, cause Imma get mines)
Whether they put me in the cell, still I'm doin the crime, for real

[Verse 2: Willie the Kid]
Cookin' Soul, no purgatory
Mandatory meetings out in Sacramento, Thunder Valley
Black car, the incidentals, park the rental
Smoking on the finest fennel, Love and Cali
Rock Bally's like a player
I'm nothing but a fly rhyme sayer
Manufacture blades, like conveyor
Belts, leaving welts on the game
Poppin' crips like Welch's, Champagne Willie
Micheal Phelps, got me swimming in these women
Bending corners in my nice car
Lobster, crawfish, cross your name out
Cop mine before they came out
I gotta get mine, my nigga Chuuwee got the same route
Get yours nigga!

G-get yours!
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