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Coffee Tea Or Me? Lyrics

Chuuwee – Coffee Tea Or Me? Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Coffee Tea or Me
Baby, touche, ole
My opening line may be a bit past late
But do think I don't know what I'm feeling for you
Cause I called up back on you, the first time I saw you

[Verse 1]
I know a lot of brothers can be fake like pleather
But baby I'm the real genuine, finest leather
And we can spend some time if you don't mind the weather
Cause it often get cloudy when two people come together
You move a little fast just because I want to catch up
I heard some things about you but I still want to get next ta-
All the time, women use their shoulder to deflect us
When you really ought to be the one to show us and direct us
Now lets not forget to treat the lady like a lady
Our game and our name and our vanes come from ladies
I wonder why my brothers try to tame our ladies
Like to play games with ladies and shame on a lady
Who don't act like that, in fact interjection
I know you ain't the type to want to go and undress it
Smooth in my contact point, I'm poetic
So a man a fat chance to win over ya blessings


[Verse 2]
You're not the type of person that a person should be testing
Gimme a couple second, I could have you undressing
Nothing like the round-the-way girls that I mess with
Book and street smart from out the project-es
So would you like to chill or maybe hit the cafe?
Though my opening line be a bit past late
I can tell from where you enter that I had to give you play
So shawty swing, shawty swing, swing my way
If later is a better time then lets go on a date
Girl I ain't in to rape, and I promise you'll be safe
Just take out the time to prosist a real playa
Bet you sexy with no make up in the morning when you wake up
The finest, a dia-mond ring and a jake up
Like the song, We Break Up To Make Up, c'mon baby wake up
How long it gonna take ya to allow someone to show you what a gentleman is made of

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