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For Those Who Don't Know Lyrics

Chuuwee – For Those Who Don't Know Lyrics

You know I know my rhymes and my grind might offend a lot of motha fuckas
So I just wanted to clear some shit up one time
One time for ya mind

There are times when times get low
And I don't know where I'm gone go
But what I know one things for sho'
I will not lose and I won't fold
And if I die before I blow
May Buddha bless my spiteful soul
I can't be stopped
I'm in my zone
For those who don't know
For those who don't know

[Verse 1]
For those who wanted to know my stand point
Who wanted to know who I'm aiming for in my mans joint
That's negative, nadda, what is the damn point?
We spread love so blood go head and spread a joint
Sprinkle some reefer, relax homie for heaven's sakes
I'm only in this for rap don't wanna see heaven's gates
Don't understand the hate, I contemplate a better place
To exercise my mind and push a rhyme
They got these softer rappers looking feather-weight
They see me as a threat or something
I'm gettin' it jumping, homie it's nothing
It's easy as pumping gas, making stuffing
Or baking somthing, I'm waking up in new horizons
These German hoes got photo phones
I'm sick and tired of Verizon
And I'm in some random ass city wiping my eyelids
With daffodil, sapphire and violet copilot
Arrived in style, chill and stay a while
It's a good time and yes we kicked some good rhymes and I'm
So far ahead of my time
They stand in line when I'm droppin these dimes
I'm on they mind 100 percent of the time
That's why they copin me and droppin me whenever I fly

[Hook: 2x]
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