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Pine Cone Cologne Lyrics

Chris Crack – Pine Cone Cologne Lyrics

[Verse 1: Vic Spencer]
Lounge gear in the restaurant, the zesty funk inside
The swisha, watching the insider we’re deficient
That word just replace bitches, I’m not on the road to riches
To many rappers made it overcrowded, I’m over browsing
Sit my ass down and blow the flower
Catalogue longer than the twin towers
We at war and my only rule is no shower
I’m trying clap your cap and fucking your girl
Asking your bitch ass where you at
Big duck, hunt for you quack-quacks
Kicked the field goal with the clucks to get mad facts
Opinionated came back with the fat sacks, merry Christmas
Told the tax lady none of your business, keep your eye witness
The distance is very far, get off my nuts, go start raising the bar
Chris Spencer really blazed from the jaw, bullshit ain’t tolerate it
Fresh warm out pie your mama made it, bitch

[Verse 2: Chris Crack]
Had a married nigga tell me I’m cock blocking
I directed him to thot stoppers, you not mobbing
At top shotters, hey what’s the order of magnitude
Always stress my mama out but wasn’t bad in school
Cutta passed the brew, we had a few, then I looked over
And noticed the saggy boobs, now she twerking on it
He can’t run self-love, we all working on it
We birthed a moment for mayor’s closing the curtains on us
Act like they help but they won’t
Why the crackheads got they own apartments
And the drug dealers don’t, I’m all fucked up
Or maybe I’m slow, pots with the glass jaws
Gon’ rock on the stove, risking my life for this gold
Chose nothing but was offered the globe
We sold dope so we could stay off the cold
Only thing Santa had for a nigga was coal
I know you know what I’m speaking of
But I’m trying to get a deeper buzz
You smoke reefer dust, that’s the cheapest stuff
Keep it up and I’mma scold you, I thought I warned you
On my table just use a coaster, and I’ll take that little sauce
That you owe us, [?] polar bear stuck in the ocean
Told you I”m focused, I’m anxious, Vic the only one
WHo could convince me to save it, she left the panties
So I’mma risk it and save ‘em, savory bakery
Sweetness peaches and green jolly ranchers
She say I’m handsome
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