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Hennergy Lyrics

Chris Crack – Hennergy Lyrics

[Chorus 1:]
Million dollars buried in my mama backyard
I keep the fat sauce, getting tax off a bad broad
Now that’s hard

[Verse 1:]
She asked my to be her daddy, gave me everything she had
I need somewhere to stash it, don’t nobody ask me nothing
Don’t nobody ask me nothing, you being nosy’s just a bit disgusting
You can’t hustle me, I’m from out west, see that’s the thing
Why you thinking so cheap then buy a hundred wings
A quarter pounder’s pan to flounder, it’s all poison
We won’t even get in the soy beans, joy means
Living life at your own speed, but they’d rather just go sheep
I’mma give you pimping hats your own seed
And I met this bitch at the bar, she was Japanese
I’mma troll til they fold like a trapper [?]

[Chorus 2:]
We been doing them dirty vans, nigga
We been doing them dirty vans, nigga
We been doing them dirty vans, nigga
Fuck outta here man
Man we been doing them dirty vans

[Verse 2:]
Make me a couple quesadillas, she gon’ rub my feet
I’m still rolling off that fucking beam
I don’t want this life no more it fucking seems
Riding ‘round bumping ’03 when henny died
I made the homie, couldn’t find no emotions like a slow leak
Hey don’t speak if you don’t know the code
I kinda lost it back there and I know it’s yours
I love you forever and I hope you know
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