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Comfortably Numb Lyrics

Chris Crack – Comfortably Numb Lyrics

I told ‘em last night that I love you baby
I told ‘em last night that I love you baby

She gon’ lecture you or hit it, we gon’ see in a minute
I was getting money in the Nextel era, no time for the games
And the nest cells very low to the tax, keep rolling that pack
Don’t give ‘em no slack, put the foot on they neck
Can’t pick sides in a circle, work through whatever, I ain’t perfect
Still on the line when you curve me, now I’m popping and you not
Still kinda shocked, Bombay on the rocks, with a splash of the tonic
I was on it, gimme my money, save all the hundreds
Smacking the face with the twenties, that’s how I’m coming
Still got a wonder for the moment, I ain’t want it
Back sipping juice, I’m a goner, thought about the times that we had
Caught a boner, I was on it

We had it again
We had it again
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