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Sorry For Your Lost Lyrics

Chris Crack – Sorry For Your Lost Lyrics

Somebody told me something, I ain’t wanna do it
But I had to do it, put a hundred bands on your fitted stickers
I ain’t pinching pennies, I ain’t staying for a minute
Scrimming smile like a dentist, pendant raised for the limit
Like it’s good book, girl you know I’m skimming
All it take is dusse, just see who really with you
Crying for the tissue, lying for the image, I ain’t get it
Styling on you niggas, wilding on you niggas
And they know that, them niggas set me up and I ain’t tripping
Happens to the best of pimping, drip was sicker than a bad description
I ain’t ask for niggas, tricks inside get it, all this ass and titties
Bad division never added up I ain’t mad enough
Talking like they really in there saucing
All day when they ‘round them bitches
Don’t ask me ‘bout no bitches
Faithful to the one I’m dating
Let me hear you say it baby

[Bridge A:]
Pull up me close, take off your clothes
Baby come back to me, I’ll let you know
Come back to me, smoke that with me
Let me just see, [?]
Come through the door, let me get some
All I can see is that, [?]
Come back to me, come back to me
Come back, oh come back
Of come back to me, making you pleased
Baby I need, everything ‘bout you [?]
Come back with me, take off your clothes
Just let me know, can we just go
Straight to my head, let me clean post
[?], take off your clothes
Come here with me, ride in my whip
Let me just see, what’s understood [?]

[Bridge B:]
You know, get you one that can do both
You know what I’m saying
Get you one that’s gon’ help you move
And sleep on the floor with you when you ain’t got shit
You know what I’m saying
Ey, you really held me down that night
When we went to [?] and
You put the burner in your purse for me
Thank you, baby. Nah, I know, I know
I know baby, you was really ‘bout to take
That charge for me when we got pulled over
When we had the blunt in the car
Damn baby, you really do love me
You really came to my rescue that night
When them niggas set me up
Gotta smooth out that jam, baby
You know, for real baby, I love you

[Verse 2:]
Gotta charge enough to make ‘em all respect you
Neck is for the blessing, check me if I’m getting disrespectful
Extra extra extra, read all about it
She tired of my shit, now she out it
Found my crying by the stairs and nobody ever cared
Life is never really fair, I like the four hairs
Sight was kinda glare, pipe until she can’t take it
Played me like a station, guess I was evasive
Never liked their faces, and save me from the haters
Baby I don’t know about you staying overnight
I’m working overtime, my brother showed me nine
And told me how to make it, and I ain’t getting naked
Fucking through the boxes, top me like the opera
Shocked her with the options, fuck a pink pistol party
Never was a artist, let me hit ‘em harder
Started from the bottom, bitches was some boppers
I ain’t stopping, you never had it
Fuck me up and I ain’t mad, hope her titties sag
Playing pitty-pat blowing blowing fifty bag
Help me with my troubles, trying not to love her
Thoughts are scattered, hair’s kinda nappy
Stabbed me with that dagger, now they in the back
Laughing in the shadows
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