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Black People Can't Be Racist Lyrics

Chris Crack – Black People Can't Be Racist Lyrics

I sent her purple hearts cause we been through it
This shit foolish, got booted out the club
I had the sick shooter, animal cookies in my sweatshirt
Don’t try to nix it so fix it Jesus
My favorite artist was mister meanest
You check won’t tease me, I need some pizza
For the record, Papa John’s was never decent
The first nigga say something, them creases
Smoking dope on Caribbean beaches
You still reaching they just paid me for this sick feature
Just found out she wasn’t for me
Gangsta Boo cleaned the sample in front of me
That’s a real blessing (that’s love)
Ralph cowboy fit, got some ranch dressing
New bitches learning old lessons
Always needed something pleasant
Was always the first one with the gold Tesla
Watch your back around the soul catchers
Before I’m laying on the cold stretcher
Picking was aware life but guess the hoes extra
I smelled my first body and them nigga saints
Seen my first shoddy shawty had a nigga think
Maybe I should get protection, seen a nigga stink
On the next block, no lights, he was facing up
Bought it near a hundred rounds, the hood don’t give no fuck
Hit the store to feet a Swisha, seen them [?] boys eying them
Said they saw bucks but that money never pile a cold world
So the barbecued the grill [?]
You still way too busy sauced you done frozen went a night
When could keep the heat, oh man them streets really enticing
I took a nigga getting stabbed for my bros to write him
Now I spend my life trying to make them young shorties righteous
Fifteen and he flipped a case so nigga get excited
On the West Side we ride or die, ask what the price is
Worry known to hustle, know the mob is close on tight knit
Get high to get by, the weed strictly spicing, bitch
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