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Outdated Co-Signs Lyrics

Chris Crack – Outdated Co-Signs Lyrics

[Chorus: Chris Crack]
I ain’t fucking with you man
And they tried to rob my bed
There’s not a bitch that I’m gon’ save
And you can catch me with the gang

[Verse 1: Chris Crack
I want the printer fuck your whole night
I was always known for bringing hoes out
Now I need my stove top, cooking
I was book, mistooken for a nigga
Took me down, had to wait for prints
What assignment to a lighter bid
The birds still be flying in, I’m pining
Higher feeling, soldiers rolling blunts
As fat as Oprah coast to coast, your cope aesthetic
Hey, don’t load that weapon, just run this fade
Razed the spot, they locked him down
A hundred days, love in Chicago, it’s just something fake
I fell out of love this summer, noticed it the other day
Never left my humble state, shop, drink, eat a plate
Stunting on these rappers, should have seen they face
Like Jesus saved, bust in that shit, don’t wet that shit
I fly by night, come ride my bike
Shine so bright, black all my shit
Don’t call my shit nothing else than what it is
I found my kids, they hate they dad
I’m busy out here chasing bags
Edward Scissorhands in a Jason mask

[Outro: Nate Barksdale]
Get out my way, I’m too far gone
Fuck what you thought, I been on my own
I don’t think twice about what you like, no no
Fuck what you like, this is my life
This is my life, this is my life
This is my life, this is my life
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