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Everything You Imagine Is Real Lyrics

Chris Crack – Everything You Imagine Is Real Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I hate leaving my friends ‘cause I gotta be alone in my thoughts
Don’t get caught in that mixture, trying to envision something
Bigger, we woke up with prescriptions, feelings distant
Man don’t try to kiss me, I just dodge with precision
Trying not to get pissy, miss me or diss me, hey
Salute me or shoot me, they off the flock [?]
Go getting bodied, I used to eat breakfast at Johnny’s
Until the closed it up, damn right that’s a sure enough
And we never getting slow bucks, I seen Fresco
Had to tell him to post some rolled blunts, this is no stunt
She naked, man I had to shake it, and she ain’t even pay me
I don’t play that, double back and now we popping like bubble wrap
No woods for this lumber jack, keep the gun attached
I need something fast, pun or past, just run the bag
He looks sad, damn they must’ve done him bad

[Verse 2:]
Scared paper never made nothing
I’m out here looking rough like don’t nobody love me
But I stay with the jewelry on my teeth
And the bitches humping, don’t make assumptions
Ain’t no letting go like we ain’t wonder
We crack ribs, hundred dollar bills, and take money
She talk back, I left a bitch at the function
And the booty had the perfect circumference
That just let you know that I don’t give a fuck about nothing
She’ll be back though, I changed my trap clothes
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