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Call In Dead Lyrics

Chris Crack – Call In Dead Lyrics

Who this? Oh meet me outside, I’m in the coup bitch
Blind man can steal your blueprints, hurry up
I’m trying to get the roof Chris, and I don’t even eat steak
I’m just that baked, ordered all sides, she star out
She used to hang with that part time, macking and bar chatting
Start acting like you used to something or get loose or something
It wouldn’t matter ‘cause I’m always dolo
Live harder, get me a duffle bag full of polos
That’s my mans, don’t pop xans, goddam
And now she hot in her pants, drunk quick like a rock band
Hey don’t stop there, having hoes only fun when you got a girlfriend
Hope I get to kiss missy before the world end
But then I snapped right back to it, I was fapped out
Told little trill to bring the pack down
On the block we used to pass the mac ‘round
Wasn’t fucking with me, now they saying is that sound
See that’s ouch, you wasn’t my cup of tea
I’m drinking champagne now, I’m still banged out
Mama live in the same house
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