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Dutch Dragon Lyrics

Black Smurf – Dutch Dragon Lyrics

[Hook x4]
All I need good dope, in my lung good dope
Hit the weed good dope, smoke the tree good dope

I got dope in my lungs, hella high once again
Don't know why I stay high, blowing tree by the gram
Screaming I don't give a damn with the lean in my hand
Sippin' slow with your hoe, off a pill in her head
Got a pocket pussy open if you try'na fuck with me
Pussy ass hoe nigga can't survive on my street
Cross the bridge on that fuck shit you gon' get that ass beat
Catch a shot from the Glock if you disrespect me
Got some shooters on the low that'll get you for the cheap
If I'm on the marijuana I suggest don't fuck with me
Quit to get it at the blue, you talkin' about you want some beef with me
I ain't internet thuggin', I'm a real Memphis nigga
Swear you'nt want a piece of me


Black fucking Smurf nigga, you know what I'm saying nigga?
Keep that shit real bruh, stop with all that fuck shit namsayen?
You keep playing around and shit nigga, namsayen?
Bruh just smoke weed nigga, stop with all the fuck shit nigga
We ain't showing nobody no love around here nigga, yanamsayen?
Nigga come on that fuck shit it's on nigga
I'm finna shoot shit or watch you die nigga, quit playing with me
Ya heard, Smurf, Smurf
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