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King Smurf Lyrics

Black Smurf – King Smurf Lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Smurf]
I'm just ridin' round with 2 Glocks (ooh)
This lack of money have me runnin' in your spot (damn)
I stay ducked off especially when the block is hot (true)
Don't play both sides that type of shit'll get you shot
No punk fakin' on my block (nope)
See you met with so and so (ahh)
I bet this pistol'll have him shakin' like a hoe (pussy)
Word around town is you don't fuck with me no mo (what?)
Heard you talkin' down on my name on the low
But you a real nigga doe? (nope)
What the fuck is up? (huh?)
I got some money in the bank it ain't enough (shiet)
Got a short patience that just mean I'm quick to buck (brakah)
Real Memphis nigga so you know I'm down to dunk
Swear these niggas so hard to trust (ooh)
Woah, woah, woah
I know your mom told you not to fall in love with hoes (I know it)
Only wearin' designer she just want you for your clothes (I know it)
Only smokin' loud but no bitch you can't blow this dope (uh-uh)
No bitch, leave me alone (uh-uh)
Always in my zone (sweartagod)
It never fails somebody gonna call my phone (sweartagod)
Wanna be like me but no you can't be my clone (sweartagod)
He a true pussy that's why I can't fuck with y'all, I'd just rather mob along

[Verse 2: Black Smurf]
Ain't nobody safe (nope)
2010 I almost caught a murder case (fuck)
The outcome make you look like Freddy Krueger face (ooh)
Mayweather punch a nigga slow as our pace
So be careful what you say (huh?)
I speak always with ya hoe (nope)
Don't do that jumpin', nigga we go toe to toe (pussy)
My only question mane is whacha hatin' fo? (huh?)
Sneak-dissin' me gon' have me knockin' at ya door, and mane that ain't whacha want (sweartagod)
I'm a money-makin' pro (I am)
No pussies in my squad, my niggas cutthroat (yup)
You cool and all just can't make money with ya doe (uh-uh)
She fell in love with me and I ain't even fuck the hoe (what the fuck)
But that's just how it go
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