Life's not easy, but we live it everyday,
There's no telling what we lose on the way,
Roads of broken souls and pieces of dreams,
Childhood wishes that won't be redeemed...

We pay way too much for just a little peace of mind,
The cost of living, can cost more than the life
So we do what we can, and when it's out of our hands,
We fall, we stand.... We

[Chorus:] Survive.... We win and we lose,
We live and we laugh and we cry,
We survive.... We give and we take,
We love and we hate, and we barely get by...
But still through it all, we find....
We survive....

There are moments that we keep in our hearts,
There we find comfort, when the road gets too hard,
We search for a meaning; we keep asking God why,
In hope we find strength, on faith we rely....


There's not always a choice, we grow and we learn,
Taking our chances, we bend and we burn......
Spinning around in this circle of life
Sometimes we crash, sometimes we fly... still we survive....


Life's not easy, but we live it everyday,

Words & Music by Nick Granato
©2001 Song Harbor Music/Creighton Island Music/Bmi
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Survive Lyrics

Nick Granato – Survive Lyrics