There in the distance are the lights of St Thomas
Calling him back to that moment in time
There in the harbor, he remembers the promise
Forever seemed honest, deep in their eyes

That night on the island, under the moonlight,
With the sound of the sea playing soft on the wind
They shared all their dreams and planned for their future
And looked to the day they'd be together again

So that night he set sail into the darkness
She said she'd be waiting there on the shore,
She said the light from her lantern each night would be burning
Until he was anchored home safe in the port...

But life can be cruel and fate was misleading
Destiny took him so far away,
By the time he returned she no longer was waiting
For it seemed he had broken the promise he made...

They say every day she'd go down to the harbor
And scan the horizon and await his return
But the years took their toll and one day she just vanished
Some say at night her lantern still burns.....

So he searches the islands the ports and the beaches
He hopes one day to find her again
Now he's a lonely old sailor with the pain of a memory
Of a love and a life and a promise not kept...

I can see in the distance the lights of St Thomas
Calling me back to that moment in time
It was here in the harbor I made her that promise
That I would return and make her my wife

And in the distance I see the lights of St Thomas

Words & Music By Nick Granato
© 2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI
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Lights Of St Thomas Lyrics

Nick Granato – Lights Of St Thomas Lyrics