Words & Music By
Nick Granato

Day after day, I hear the winds call,
I yearn for the freedom beyond my hearts walls,
I've lived within boundaries confined to this cage,
Looking for a way to escape....

All I need is some courage to face all my fears,
A glimmer of hope to drive away all these tears...
They say it's impossible, but I'm gonna try,
Just give me the chance... Watch me climb...


Give me wings, I will fly,
I will soar like an eagle, So free, so high...
Break these chains, that have me bound,
And I will take to the sky,
And I'll never come down,
No I don't care what tomorrow may bring
I can dream, I can fly.... Give me wings...

Holding me back this world clings like a vine
It tears at my roots and steals from my time,
It's hard to determine all the damage it's done,
But I can still make it, If I reach for the sun(Son)...


I'll no longer be captive, once I sever these ties,
There'll be nothing to stop me, I'll leave it behind and I'll fly....


© 2001 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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Give Me Wings Lyrics

Nick Granato – Give Me Wings Lyrics