Rhythm of life
Words & Music by Nick Granato
V1 - Everyday you'll find me thanking God, for just another day to breathe
Sure there's things that I still want, but I have everything I need
Regrets are best left forgotten somewhere in the past,
Cause there's no time to waste these days, everything moves so fast
Chorus -You've got to learn to take chances, Stepping over every line
(2, 3-you've got to) Love without limits; teach your heart how to fly
(1, 3-You've got to) (2-Just) Listen to your spirit, Feel it movin' inside...
Just keep dancing to the music... Groovin' to the rhythm of life...
V2 - Life is never easy, At times it hurts like hell,
Sometimes you see it coming, other times it's hard to tell
When you feel the world start closing in, just remember what you've found
Go ahead, skip a beat, turn the music way up loud (you've got to)
[Bridge:] Let go... holding on just holds you back
And know... no one has to live like that... no
V3 - So take everyday for granted, make every moment count,
Cause there's no need in living in the shadow of a doubt,
Feel the movement of the sunshine, Hear the chorus on the wind,
There's music in your heartbeat, go and show them how to live...
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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Rhythm Of Life Lyrics

Nick Granato – Rhythm Of Life Lyrics