Words & Music By
Nick Granato

Taking time to kill some time, Is really what it's all about
Life will be a mystery, So stop living in the doubt,
Old age and gravity, always looking for a remedy,
So wise up, and slow down, and live without regret....


It's time to take some chances,
Start living for the moment,
It's time to go another round,
Cause tomorrow may never come,
No asking questions, stop second guessing,
The answer's to profound
Cause you might find you've been living life
Upside down....

Looking back to take you back to a memory is just fine,
But living in a painful past, will only cloud your mind,
Time to change your philosophy, accept the good with the tragedy,
Cause what's done, is done gone. Leave well enough alone...


No one said that life was fair,
It's just time that you grabbed your share,
No need to analyze... your running out of time....
So forget the need for therapy, and let the past be gone,
There's nothing you can do about it now,
Accept the world's insanity, and remember what you've found,
That you're fine, and all the rest are living upside down....


© 2001 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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Upside Down Lyrics

Nick Granato – Upside Down Lyrics