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Somewhere Between India & Idaho Lyrics

Tristan Omand – Somewhere Between India & Idaho Lyrics

Hey there, have you seen my girl?
I hear she’s been sleeping around
A doctor, a lawyer, a cobbler, a clerk
The milkman, a painter, and an eagle scout

And I get up in the evening
And I’m drunk to work in the morning
She lives with me in the house I built
And now I feel like it’s burning

I sing on the back porch, I sleep in the barn
I’ve tattooed over her name on my arm
I’ve done all the things that I think I should do
And I can’t help feeling that it’s all ‘cause of you

And believe it or not, I’ve had a few myself
Samantha, Rosalita, Marguerite, and Michelle
They were fun while they lasted, but now I can’t tell
Why I feel more at home in a cheap hotel

We grow older and older and older each year
How we haven’t killed each other yet, that still ain’t clear
She put a gun to my head, I said go ahead and pull
I heard the trigger click, in an empty chamber,
Now here I go, bus ticket, I’m leavin’ town

So I’m going where the streets are gold
It rains cocaine and cherry coke
There’s a beach where the fishes speak Navajo
Somewhere between India & Idaho
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