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Backsliding Reprobate Blues Lyrics

Tristan Omand – Backsliding Reprobate Blues Lyrics

Got a red rooster, got a red rose
Dirt on my fingernails, and on my toes
I’ll keep on digging until Mexico
Hold my breath, cover my nose

I’ll have me a drink, right there on the beach
Beautiful women within my reach
I’ll toast to lonely, I’ll toast to night
I’ll drink to dying, and cheers to life

Go down to Dublin, have me a pint
Steal me a car, or maybe a bike
Before they catch me, I’ll have some fun
There ain’t nothing like a life out on the run

They’ll tack my picture on every wall
Of every post office, and police hall
But I’ll be moving on into the sun
I’ll change my name and where I’m from

Hello, I’m Jack, last name Joe
By the moonlight, is when I’ll go
Maybe I will turn myself in
Probably not, I don’t mind living with sin

It’s that old backsliding, reprobate blues
Ain’t no use in hiding, it’s that old backsliding,
Reprobate blues

I’ll find me a woman, and settle down
In some breezy land, in some southern town
We’ll buy us a dog, name him Jed
Say our prayers each night in bed
Oh, please don’t strike me, down ‘O Lord
‘Cause I ain’t running anymore
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