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Cinching Up The Rope Lyrics

Tristan Omand – Cinching Up The Rope Lyrics

Deal your last hand
You’ve got nowhere to go now you’re gone
There’s a flashlight beam, atop a small city mountain
There’s some people partying up there

And you’re just a lonesome viewer
Watching from the greatest distance
Never reaching for the missing
The pieces that turned to dust
They’re all just flying in the wind
And your family and your kin
Keep cinching up the rope around your neck

And that time that you ran,
You probably should have never come back
Things have only gotten weirder
And the way you feel is mirrored
By every sad soul that you pass by on the street

So don’t over-do it, there’s lots of life to live,
So just plow through it
If a door slams, just open another
Don’t blame the sister for the faults of the mother
Think I read that in the bible,
Or maybe on the side of a bus
So when there’s no one left but us
We’ll be all we have to trust
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