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Dreams & Fire Lyrics

Tristan Omand – Dreams & Fire Lyrics

It was a three alarm, or maybe four
They ran for the door
Heard the struggle and commotion outside
Packed a bag in the smoke,
Couldn’t help but cry in the confusion

He wet a rag, held it over her nose
And he just held his breath
Felt the door with his palm,
It was satanically warm
Man, this is a fiery mess

His reasoning became increasingly ruined
Had no idea what his hands they were doing
But he smashed a window with a chair
Told her to jump for a tree branch
And just wait there, he would follow

And just as he got halfway over the threshold
He turned and saw a picture of them
And thought about a time when the world was quiet
And everything wasn’t literally burning

When he jumped he believed he could fly
Grabbed the branch and looked into her eyes
And right as the place collapsed, they let go
They fell and landed coughing on the grass

And as the flames were fought, they so playfully thought
This is our best excuse for moving on
So with the silence so loud, they inched through the crowd
Got in a car and waved so long
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