How does it come to this?
Two people can’t look each other in
The eye?

Why do I keep on thinking
It will be different?
So give it one more try.

Verse 1:
This will be my exit
I’ll pack up my thoughts and leave

I’m done trying to change this
All that’s happened
Now’s abandoned
So let it be

Cause now I see now I know
That what we had
What we broke
Has all gone bad

I guess I’ll forgive
You for not speaking up
And me for just givin’ up
And walking away

I guess I’ll just hide
The thousands of letters that I write
To you in my mind
Each and every day
& stop having fake conversations
Carrying all of this doubt
& look at the foundation
That’s given out

Verse 2:
Why do I feel like this wasn’t my choice?
When it’s clear I don’t call or message
I can live without your voice

Little things in the day always bring you to
Like a stranger that wears your cologne
Tears me down just by breathing

No more hoping on expectations
That I now know
Could never be

I would like to ask our friends
How you’re doing?

But do I really care, and do I really want to
Know How you let me slip by?



Time is still here I can see
They say that time is all you need

But I think it takes much more
You got to mean the words
That you’re fighting for

You got to believe me when I say
I promise, I promise, I promise

Last CH (soft and then build )
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The Foundation Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – The Foundation Lyrics