Leaving on another midnight flight
On a redeye to L. A.
My arms are open but you’re
Out of reach
It’s always the same.

The sun goes down
And I come unwound
Waiting for a call form you.
This flame is fading
And I am burning through.

Come on
Come on

You say you do it for love
But what about me
You say you do it because
It’s the life that you need

I’m feeling left behind
And I’m starting to see
That I’m not the love the love the love
The love that you need

I got plans
My own story to tell
Can’t put life on hold for you

You’ll think I’ll stick around
But I got to leave
It’s long over due

Second chances are all used up
I’ve been patient for too long
Something’s got to give
Far away ain’t no way to live

Come on come on


So long
So hard is the distance

Come back
Give me no resistance

But then you leave
And you do it again

Do it again
Over and over again

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Love That You Need Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – Love That You Need Lyrics