This girl has seen it all
From the top of the world to Montreal
But when buildings start closing in
I feel like I should be set free again

And then you let me go
Like a hat caught in the wind I stumble
Away from your love and some how
You know exactly how to let me go

Nose to the pavement
Wings spread wide
Tall mountains
Touch the skies
But I only want to
See it through your eyes

Everything is sweater
Colors shine bright
The world is less meaner
You make anything all right
And I don’t care the places I go or the sights I see
You’re the destination
The end to my odyssey

I’m always on the roam
Like birds everybody is building homes
And I want to fly back to mine
Rest for a while then spend sometime

And just know you are close
For once feel I wont have to let you go
Make plans in a town I really know
And just breathe cause you are close


Oh oh I don’t need to
Say it you all ready
Know it’s so oh yes you do
Do do do
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Odyssey Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – Odyssey Lyrics