This new town drives me crazy
The traffic brings me down
They call it a big time city
But the people are too spread out

I miss the real crowded city streets
Rush the clock got to find you beat
Summer air is full of pizza
Swimmn’ by me in the heat

I’m so far away
From a comfort I understood
If I could hear you say
Come on home,
Babe you know I would

Oh, city life
I want you back
Is this where I belong
Or did I fall off track
Oh city boy
Don’t you leave me here
Where no one hears your screams
In a town full of angeles
Crowded by dreams

I miss the changing colors
The trees swayn’ in the park
The met the fens and all the others
Finding love baby after dark

Surrounded by so many buildings
Life drying in the alleyways
The bus and oh the subway
Take me back to those better days

Oh oh city life
Oh oh city
Oh oh city life
Oh oh city
Oh oh city life
Oh oh city

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City Life Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – City Life Lyrics