No one is invincible, no one is immortal, these are the rules
Fireworks have scared me shitless for three years now
Easier to blame it on neuroses than admit that everything loud and sudden scares me
But I found out that I still love the sight of them
When the light of the setting September sun came through the leaves
In scattered shards as I was driving down the highway with my secrets
No one is invincible, no one is immortal
This time of year always reminds me of Mitch at noon in the shade, there’s still dew on the grass
The leaves are trying on the coats they’ll wear to their funerals and without knowing it, as if it’s coded into me, I start to listen to ‘People Without End’
The ways in which one leaves a place and the way a ghost becomes a part of you
And some days this reminds me more of Kyle than anything else
And the times we spent wishing for the past
I think I’m through with that now
I’ve got holes in me big enough that sometimes I can barely stay afloat
But I’m starting to find that nothingness has the potential to be filled with anything that our minds can imagine
Everyone here’s story has been everyone here’s story since the Big Bang
And I’m not talking about your parents fucking, or their parents’ parents’ parents fucking
I’m talking about that fact that the things inside of you, the ones that matter, cannot be created or destroyed anymore
Not since this universe started and not until it fucking ends
That’s how long we’re going to live
So when my body chooses to become something more, burn it
Let the liquid in me dry up
Let it crack like the leaves coming through the driveway of the house I grew up in
Divide me among the people I’ve loved
And ask them this
On the day they find a place where stars are safe from everything but the brightness of the moon, scatter my ashes there
So that that from which I came can witness that which I’ve become
No one is invincible, everyone’s immortal
No one is invincible, everyone’s immortal

If false and naive ideals
Will keep us working
Sustained by people like you
Like a televised old story
Maybe that is what one is meant to have
Sucking from the maimed and the crazed
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If And When I Die Lyrics

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – If And When I Die Lyrics